Anglicanism is a beautiful combination of passion and participation. I have found that the Christian faith has been adjusted, bent, and made to fit our needs; however, I think the Anglican approach is different. We are taught to be adjusted, bent and made to fit the needs of God. What does God need? Well, verily nothing. But because of His Divine benevolence, power, might, love, and holiness, we should bow our heads and our hearts to worship Him in every way.

I am seeking to find a way to bring Christ into my home. I have a husband and daughter who need to see that our faith in Christ goes beyond Sunday mornings and is imbued into our everyday living. I think this includes daily prayer and scripture reading as well as an aesthetic reflection of the church seasons in our home. How does this all play out? Let’s find out together on my blog.

Peace and Grace to you,

The Anglican Mom


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  1. Hello,
    I am a fellow anglican mom blogger. I came across your blog when looking for some new blogs to follow. I had to laugh, our blogs are strikingly similar. We both have the same wordpress theme and have quite a bit of overlap in our content. I just had to say hello! Thanks for your work.


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